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  Horse Treats

No Sugar Added Apple Snaps make rewarding your horse fun and flavorful. And there's no need to worry about introducing too much sugar to your horse's diet, since this treat is simply made from apples with no additives, preservatives or artificial flavoring. 4 lb bag.
Sale $10.95
  Used Circle Y Show Saddle

Like new condition, size 16" seat, full QH bars.
  Fleece Lined Super Cinch

Heavy fleece backs this 3" polypropylene webbing cincha for added comfort. Dees for tie down and back cincha attachment. Machine washable for easy care. Nickel plated hardware. Brown/maize or Black/black Horse size. Brown, 32" In stock and on SALE!
  Insulated Nylon Saddle Bags

Insulated nylon saddle bags have Velcro® closures and four adjustable webbing straps and dees for attachment to saddle. Nickel plated hardware. Measure 9-3/4" W x 11-1/2" L x 4-1/2" D. Hunter in stock and on Sale!
  Ladies Timepiece

Finely woven horse hair is attached to a genuine leather band and finished with handcrafted sterling silver end caps and buckle. The water-resistant Legacy watch face contains a long life battery. Sold individually and shipped in an assortment of colors, each fine timepiece is presented in an attractive gift box and has a one-year guarantee. Sale: Black with red toned beads.
  FES Offset Dee Ring 3/8" Sweet Iron Bit

5" Mouth. 3 1/4" Offset D-rings. 3/8" Sweet iron mouth. Stainless steel.
  Breaking Bridle

Rope noseband with braided nylon headstall and 3/4" x 8' round braided nylon reins.
  Adjusta-Fit® TEKNO-FLEECE® Fitted V-Free™ Midweight Bellyband Blanket

The new Tekno-Fleece has a guaranteed SuperQuilt 1200D outercover, technical fleece insulation and a ripstop nylon lining for ease of maintenance. In addition to providing warmth, the fleece enhances the natural breathability of the blanket. As the weather warms or activity increases, the fleece wicks developing humidity away and accelerates its evaporation through the outershell keeping the horse comfortable and sweat free. It accommodates a temperature range from the high 30's to the high 60's (clipped/fine show coat) and in mild winter climates often eliminates the need to change from a blanket at night to a sheet during the day. Bellyband style. SIZE 72 or 74 IN STOCK.
  Round Braided Latigo Roper Rein

Attractive brown latigo leather rein features stainless steel scissor snaps and a rounded, braided style. Measures 3/8" x 8'.
  Braided Nylon Roper Rein

Braided nylong super knot barrel/roper rein. 8 ft.
Sale $8.95
  Braided Nylon Split Reins

Braided nylon split reins. Black/tan. 8 ft.
Sale $12.95
  Nylon Noseband

1" nylon lined with 1/4" thick soft black felt for extra comfort. Features a buckle on the 5/8" crown strap for adjustments and a dee on the end of the nosepiece for easy tie down attachment. Nickel plated hardware. BLUE.
  Nylon Tiedown

Featuring solid brass variable adjustment dees for a great range of adjustment. Bolt snaps at each end. 1" x 40". BLUE.
SALE $6.00
  FES Corkscrew Dee

Good choice for troublesome horses that tend too pull on the bit and resist communication with the rider's hand. The Corkscrew's ridged design creates pressure on tongue and bars, while the joint pushes into the center of the tongue, giving the rider more control and a clear signal the horse will notice. Stainless steel 5" mouth, large racing dees.
  FES Offset Dee Ring 3/8" Sweet Iron Bit

5" Mouth. 3 1/4" Offset D-rings. 3/8" Sweet iron mouth. Stainless steel.
  Cotton Rope Lunge Line

White Cotton Lunge line, like new. I'm guessing it's 25'. Brass bolt snap.
  Triple-Tube style Tailbags

Triple-tube style, Sleazy Sleepwear for Horses tailbags. They protect the horses tail from dirt as well as smooth the tail hairs. Retail $28.50 each.
  Lot of 3 Tailbags

Lot of 3 - Assorted colors/patterns, single-tube style tailbags. They protect the horses tail from dirt as well as smooth the tail hairs. Retail $9.50 - $12.50 each.
  The All-American Cowboy Cookbook

Whether they are riding the range under a blazing Texas sun or a cool Montana moon, or working on a Hollywood sound stage, cowboys and cowgirls can work up a hearty appetite. The All-American Cowboy Cookbook is filled to the brim with favorite recipes from the country's most famous western stars - from the Silver Screen and television to rodeo heroes and cooks on real working ranches, as well as recipes from some of the best cowboy balladeers ever to lasso a microphone.
Inside you will find a variety of cowboy fare - from John Wayne's favorite grits recipe to James Arness's Gunsmokin' Chili and Clint Eastwood's Spaghetti Western. Here too are chicken and dumplings from Roy Rogers, chilies rellenos from James Garner, and cherished family recipes from Annie Oakey star Gail Davis. There's much more including a breakfast delight from Gregory Peck, Walter Brennan's clam chowder, and Gene Autry's delicious peanut butter pie. Singers George Strait, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Michael Martin Murphy are among those who have shared their mouth-watering recipes. And your taste buds will giddyup for recipes from Brooks & Dunn, Patsy Montana, Randolph Scott, the Sons of the Pioneers, and a corral full of more than 150 other cowboy stars.
Loaded with nearly 200 classic photographs and saddlebags full of Old West memories and fun trivia teasers, The All-American Cowboy Cookbook is sure to cause a stampede to the dinner table when you holler, "Come and git it!"
Spiralbound, 255 pp
Sale $10.00
  Cutting (Western Horseman)

This guide explains everything a person needs to know to get started in cutting, how to ride a cutting horse, how to acquire a good beginner's horse, what equipment is needed, how the scoring system works, training cutting horses, and showing to win. Leon Harrel is one of the most successful cutting horse trainers in the industry. He provides a comprehensive guide to this growing skill.
Paperback, 144 pgs, 8 x 11
Sale $10.00
  Bridleless Training

Lynn Palm is most famous for her Bridleless Training and Exhibitions and promoting Happy Performance Horses, no matter what breed or riding discipline. Bridleless Training will also teach the rider to ride from the waist down—seat for balance and as an aid, and to use legs aids more effectively to control the horses balance, direction, and speed. Bridleless Training is not for uneducated horses. You Train Bridleless with your horse with what he knows best! Lynn will start you with ground training, and demonstrate the training with a horse that performs for the first time bridleless. She also shows the training you can do with an advanced horse riding Bridleless: the ultimate of Training! It is truly a fun way to train and will build confidence in you and your horse!
VHS, 90 min
ON SALE $15.95
  In a Whisper

Parelli, Lyons, and Cameron. Stories of horse whisperers have been told since the beginning of time. But are these stories merely myths and legends made up for the sole purpose of entertainment? Or do you believe that man can actually communicate with these magnificent creatures. Join us on an unforgettable journey into an unbelievable competition of today's top whisperers. DVD.
  Richard Shrake - Care and Selection of Your Horse

When you are fortunate enough to get a great teacher who can really communicate, you want to learn as much as possible from him. With Richard Shrake's complete program, you will not only gain the in-depth specific knowledge from each video, but you will find that each new one seems even better than the last because of the reinforced continuity of instruction throughout all of them. DVD - 60 min.
  Clipping Your Horse

Have troubles clipping your horse? Do you need to train your horse to accept the clippers, especially the sensitive ears? Lynn Palm will give you the tools to teach your horse to accept all clipping you can do with a horse’s bridlepath, under head, eye and nose hairs, legs and ears. If you want to clean up your shaggy horse and get tips to use clipping to enhance your horse's conformation for the show ring, this DVD is for you.
DVD, 51 Min
ON SALE $20.00
  A Day in the Life of a Horse Whisperer

This work is actually a combination of three documentaries and has great instructional as well as entertainment value.
The first segment begins with a wildly bucking seven-year-old Arabian who hasn't been ridden for over three years. At a fund raising event in West Michigan, six hundred people sit in awe as Frank gentles this unruly and dangerous chestnut mare.
The second segment is a work by noted anchor woman Bonnie Day of ABC TV in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She documents Frank's work on the ranch and at one of his three-day clinics. Scenes from the movie "The Horsewhisperer" are interspersed throughout as Robert Redford portrays the trade as Frank demonstrates the reality, far from Hollywood.
The final twelve minutes takes place near Tallahassee, Florida as Frank raises funds for the Rock N Win Therapeutic Riding Program. Watch as he starts a ten year old Arabian who had neither been saddled nor ridden prior to that big day in March of '98. Music accompanies these works.
  Wool Blankets

Good quality, wool saddle blankets. The beige ones are heavier single fold, and the other two are double fold. Blue stripe is sold.
Tack Up Your Horse
This quick reference photo indicates the proper placement of western tack on a horse.

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